The Program Policy and Procedures are issued to promote safety and ensure the
well-being of all Special Ministries’ participants, families, staff and volunteers.

In Case of Inclement Weather:

  • If schools are closed then Special Ministries is closed and all activities will be cancelled. If the program is cancelled you will receive a call informing you of the closure.


  • Registrations are due in a timely manner in order for our staff to plan for each event. If participants sign up last minute or show-up to an event without registering we cannot guarantee they will be provided the supplies for the program or be fed at those events.
  • Participant information, emergency medical release and guardian signature forms are due at the beginning of each year or when starting to attend our programs.
  • Payment must accompany registration (unless other payment arrangements are made).
  • Review, update and sign participant information/emergency forms once per year.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If a participant requires one-on-one assistance, an aide (e.g. staff person, family member or friend) needs to accompany the participant to activities (e.g. Has mobility, hearing or vision impairment; Uncontrolled seizures; Requires assistance when eating and/or toileting or wanders from the group).

Program Refund Policy:

  • Refunds or exchanges will be issued for programs cancelled by Special Ministries or for rides not provided in error, serious illnesses/injuries of participants etc. (unless cancellations are because of weather / acts of God).
  • No refunds will be issued for program activities missed due to suspensions as defined below.

If refunds are due, a credit will be given to your account.

Incidents/Incident Reports:

Incidents are defined as any inappropriate behaviors that can put the participant, other participants or staff at risk of harm or injury. Safety is our number one priority at our events!

  • 1st incident: Participant will be given a verbal warning from staff with a follow up in writing from the Program Director or Executive Director to the parent, guardian, or caregiver.
  • 2nd incident: Will result in written warning and suspension from the next activity.
  • 3rd incident: Will result in written suspension from the remainder of the program session (fall, winter, etc)

All incidents are recorded and kept on in the participant’s file and refunds will not be issued for suspension of activity or program.

Transportation Information:

  • Special Ministries asks that participants and / or caregivers make every effort to provide their own transportation to program events.
  • Special Ministries works with Livingston Essential Transportation Service (L.E.T.S), volunteer drivers and Special Ministries staff to meet additional transportation needs.
  • L.E.T.S. requires us to have our rider list to them 2 weeks before each event. We cannot guarantee transportation after that deadline.
  • Special Ministries will contact the participant with pick up and drop off times. Please do not call L.E.T.S. for this information.


  • Please notify Special Ministries’ office at (517)797-7652 or cell at (810) 337-8312 if you are unable to attend or have to cancel from an activity.
  • Please notify Special Ministries if you need to cancel any transportation the day PRIOR to your absence.
    For any transportation changes/arrangements (pick up or drop off) contact (810) 337-8312.